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for that to happen. one senator is calling it not a great attitude in congress right now. >> senator? >> reporter: 7 tors arrived to continue last-minute negotiations hours before the nation is set to fall off of the so-called fiscal cliff. after a day of intense talks, senate majority leader, harry reid said there will not be a deal tonight. >> there is a distance between the two sides, tpheg orbingiations continue. >> if republicans and democrats can not strike a deal, taxes will go up for almost every american, automatic cuts will kick in and millions will loose unemployment benefits. >> i want everyone to know i am will willing to get this done but i need a dance partner. >> they quickly cut the deficit by slowing the growth of social security but the senate says there is a little bit of movement when they are compromising which americans should should get ready to pay a higher tax rate. >> reporter: in an unusual move republicans here on capitol hill called on the nation's number 2 democrat, vice president joe biden, to help in negotiations, this as the white house puts the blame on the impass
a good point. people forget this has to go through congress. >> right. >> the president doesn't just decide these things. >> there are a lot of nra endorsed members of congress. >> right. democrats and republicans. >> right. >> we'll be back. trivia time. we asked education secretary arne duncan recently suggested he was more likely to take up what profession than becoming secretary of state? the answer was stripping. that is right. stripping. if you have a political trivia question, it won't be better than that one, but e-mail us at daily and we will be right back. >>> let's bring back our gaggle. okay. we're doing lightning round. david, deal or no deal. we are now 14ish hours away from the cliff. do we get a deal or not? >> put on your parachute. i think we're going over the cliff. they're just too far apart on too many issues and time is running out. maybe in the next few days after that we could see something but i think we're going over tonight. >> you are assuming i don't wear a parachute. >> yes, no, who knows? i think yes but not tonight. i think in the nex
congress in history. 219 bills in this congress. >> right. >> the next lowest level was 333 bills during the '90s. so tremendously unproductive congress. as you mentioned, the new one will be sworn in and not looking a whole lot different. is this the new normal, the do-nothing congress? >> i think until we can sort of clear out of these fiscal issues, whether that's tonight or tomorrow, whether that's mid march, it is very difficult for other issues to rise to the to because of the nation's fiscal health and the global economy is at risk. we're going to see the administration roll out a gun control package at some point in january, perhaps as part of the state of the union in february. those are who major domestic policies sitting there. if the fiscal cliff conversations continue, certainly the other big issue related to that that both parties want to talk about is tax reform. there's some hope that something would get done before the august recess. there are three big domestic policies but something else could come up that needs almost immediate attention and the question is in this st
. >> sorry to hear about that. adam: all seriousness, congress right now, as you depart has a reputation that is at the bottom. i could use all kinds of negative adjectives to describe it. i don't need to tell you. how does congress get the respect it needs to govern back after this craziness which is still not played out, and who gets the blame for this? >> well, understand, that congress is made up of people who have won election in 435 districts. the 50 states with two senators. the american people can decide who they are sending to congress. so, these are duly elected people who represent districts and just because somebody in one district vote as certain way that somebody in another district doesn't like --. adam: you lose nothing. you're done. you lose nothing by speaking truth to the other 434 members. what would you say to them? >> well, i think that we have shown, historically, not just this year but every the decades that congress is not good except if there's a deadline the reason the fiscal cliff exists we pushed until the end of the year this harmonic convergence of tax incr
every right to criticize congress. >> the present is an absolute right to make sure he keeps us focused on getting this done. >> mcconnell was still urging fellow republicans to stand down and move forward in order to beat the midnight deadline. >> we can do this. we must do this. >> it is a major step forward and i think it might calm the markets until the house acts. >> you heard john mccain. they hope the senate can act by tonight. they're trying to schedule a vote and reach an agreement on a compromise. it is not clear whether the house will vote tonight. what is inside disagreements -- this agreement a higher tax rate for individuals earning more than $400,000 a year. putting up the big decision of spending cuts until next year. live at the capitol, rebecca cooper. >> the prince william county police officer is dead tonight after colliding with a minivan. we hear that the both vehicles involved caught fire after the crash. >> the witness told me she saw a bright flash moments after a minivan and dead prince william county officer collide -- and a prince william county officer colli
's right. we are willing to make different choices for the country and we support those in congress who are willing to take those actions. and will there be resistance? absolutely there will be resistance. the question then becomes whether we are actually shook up enough by what happened here. that it does not just become another one of these routine episodes where it gets a lot of attention for a couple of weeks and then it drifts away. it certainly won't feel like that to me. this is something that -- you know, that was the worst day of my presidency. and it's not something that i want to see repeated. >> it hit close to home. >> absolutely. >> let me ask you about a couple of foreign policy notes. after the attack in benghazi, is there a need for more accountability so that this doesn't happen again? and do you know who was behind the attack at this point? >> two points. number one, i think that tom pickering and mike mullen who headed up the review board did a very thorough job in identifying what were some severe problems in diplomatic security. and they provided us with a series o
rendell who said, what has been going on in congress right now, going right down to the wire, means that we've become an embarrassment, the nation has become an embarrassment. how do you feel when people say that? >> i actually listened to a really good program on the bbc earlier today, with some americans and indians, lamenting the state of indian democracy and one really smart woman from mumbai got on, said, look, yeah, this is really tough and we're embarrassed, in their case, the horrible rape-murder case. but the truth is, you have middle class people out protesting and demanding something happen for the first time in the short, relatively short 62-year history of indian democracy. we're going through a rough patch and the players aren't attractive or doing their job in washington. but the country is functioning. there's a group of young people that are fixing education, fixing all sorts of consumer protections using the internet. attacking banks who victimize their consumers. their own clients. there's a lot of good stuff going on in this country and just -- we are so obsessed
american congress. >> how did we get to this, congressman? he right? >> yes, he is. really it's the inability of congress to control spending. that is why we're in this pickle right now. we're spending $1.2 trillion more than we're taking in every year. and so he is completely right. i think people are right to see congress as dysfunctional. that's why we've got to deal with this today or tomorrow or the next day in a way that fixes this long term, not just gets us out of the pickle for one day. and that's my concern is that, you know, we'll finally discover bipartisanship and that bipartisanship is everybody turns their back while everybody spends money. and that's what we've done in the past and we just can't continue to do that in the future. >> congressman, soon to be senator, good to have you on the program. happy new year to you sir. >> thank you. >> so, susan, we've been telling people since i went on the air last night that the congress is going to be back at 11:00. what happens then? >> at 11:00 we'll see if the overnight negotiations which have included vice presiden 45 good day baltimore. &p(( 3 3 map liberty map 3 3 congress is pllying it right down to the buzzer this morning.there is ssill no deal on capitoo hill regarding the so called 'fiscal cliff' and today is the deadline for work ii just 3 hours. senaaorr went home last night without conninue today after hitting a odds?the income threshhld for tax breaas. larsoo says: "ww understand and ccntinue to be befuddled whh we can't bring up proposals ttat can get the coontry back to wwrk,,why ww can't deel with a tax cut for the middde class, especiallyy country needs to go bbckkto ptune says there's a lot of republicans doo't want to see spendinn." if a deal is american. if you want to see how much your taxes wwuld go uppwittout the fscal cliff agreement.. go to foxbaltiiore dot com slash morning. secrettry of state... hillary clinton s back in the hospital today... aater doctors discovered a blood cllt. clot.clinton... who was ssheduled to retuun to wwrk doctors... for the mediccne they've given her.clinton has been dealing with healthh issues for several
terribly wrong when the biggest threat to our economy is our congress. let's get right to abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl covering this every step of the way. jon, many angry americans watching all of this. >> reporter: well, david, they just blew it. it is now clear that congress will fail to pass by midnight tonight something to prevent virtually everybody's taxes from going up. they have known for more than a year that tonight was the deadline and they just blew it. the deadline to prevent that massive $600 billion combination of tax hikes and spending cuts will be missed. but the scramble continues. to try to get a deal done and passed over the next day or two, that would put the tax cuts, at least, back in place retro actively. and today, they sure seemed close to a deal. >> i can report that we've reached an agreement on all of the tax tsh -- the tax issue. >> reporter: and even though the deal was not finalized, the president seemed to take a victory lap today at the white house. >> keep in mind that just last month republicans in congress said they would never agree t
's absolutely right, you're right. because to not go over the cliff, both houses of congress will have to pass something to avert that, and the president will have to sign it. so that is true. and that is why, as i said, politically, there aren't a lot of -- there are some people who aren't that upset about it, because it kind of makes the medicine go down a little bit easier when they vote on these cuts. having said that, we've heard from democrats in particular, for weeks now, that, you know, to sort of take a deep breath, that yes, it is called the fiscal cliff, but it is more of a slope, and particularly advantageous to members of congress who haven't got be their work done that january 1st is a federal holiday. so nothing is going to happen and there aren't going to be any real-world effects, especially when we're talking about the thing that really matters the most to a lot of people around here, just how the market is reacting. we saw the market go up today at news, seemingly at news that things were going well here. so, but technically, i think you're right, i think if the house doesn'
' that funny, thhy're countinn down the year on new year's eve, that'ss telling right therr."jjmes assurancess..from eitterthe president...or congress...that fiscal imminent. "i think 2003 will bring a lot of unceetainty and a lot of challenges."kkng owns several pestaurants ...ann fears... that starttng new year's day...there'lllbeautomatic the federal payroll tax.(king) "and it's a two percent increase across the boarr for all of our employees, they're going to feel it, their paycheck's going to feellit, e're going perccnt..t as we pay that two - prydell) gambrills, some maryllnd residents hit hard by superstorm sandy.. are getting some extra rrlief. peliee.residents of somersett county who experienced significant ddmage wwll be eligible for food stamps because of the disaster. heeprogram provides ooe counny department of social e - services and the disaster recoverr center in ccisffeld. pgetttng ready to ring ii the new year aa the inner harborr harbor. melinda rooder is &llve with the reperaaions. 3 last miiutt new years eve ppeperatiins are also underw
of course the final word rests right here with us in congress. o.m.b.'s decision with be overridden by a joint resolution. every provision of the calm act is familiar to the senate. in fact, at one time or another, nearly every feature of this plan has been offered by both republicans and democrats, including president obama and speaker boehner. all i'veone is pull them togethero offer them has a compassionate alternave to what happens if we go over the fiscal cliff. true, from the very beginning i have favored a comprehensive solution to put our fiscal house in orderings something along the lines of the simpson-bowles. we don't have that luxury right now. but perhaps it will only soften the blow of the fisl cliff but also give us a sense of urgency about a grand bargain to repair our financial house. i am not so naive as to believe everybody is going to check their piticat the door, even at this late hour, but this is not a time for politicki, bickering or partisan games. to allow the country to plunge over the fiscal cliff without any alternative plans t soften the landing is comp
and some confidence. all right. we'll be watching. clarity. thank you, alison. appreciate it. if congress can't reach this deal by midnight, higher taxes is not the only concern for a lot of folks. many families may not have money many can youing in at all. nearly 2 million people are at risk of losing their long-term federal unemployment benefits as the new year begins. another 1 million workers are going to exhaust their 26 weeks of state unemployment benefits in the first quarter and are not going to be able to file for a federal extension. joining us now is the president of optimum capital management ryan mack. ryan, good to see you. first of all, a lot of people very worried here because we are talking about those who are really at risk, those who might not get their unemployment benefits. what kind of options do they have. >> essentially, these are a lot of individuals operating out of fear. we do a lot of work around the country talking to those collecting the checks and basic questions, am i going to be able to eat? am i going to be able to pay for housing and shelter? these are b
you need to hear from congress, from washington right now? >> well, frankly, i don't mind if we go over the cliff. i'm all about balancing a budget and gaining a healthy economy. and i would like to see everybody start working in a bipartisan way coming together, coming up with a solution, eliminating the politics, and just bring a solution to the table that's long-term not short-term. short-term is what we had. i heard ali say earlier today that others are afraid of kicking the can down the road. i am afraid of that. i think we're all tired of it, and 500-plus days to work on this is a long time. i'm more concerned that if we don't get this together now, if we don't look for a long-term soluti solution, that we'll never get to the spending issue, which i truly believe is our problem. >> that's your biggest issue as a small business owner? you think it's spending? >> well, as a small business owner, i'm more concerned about a healthy economy. i think tax rate increase, tax rate hikes are not going to be the solution because we have tax code reform that needs to be done. and without
is exhausted, we eventually do the right thing. and i think that that's true for congress as well. and i think it's also important for americans to remember that politics has always been messy. people have been asking me a lot about the film "lincoln." >> is this your lincoln moment? >> well, no. look, "a," i never compare myself to lincoln, and "b," obviously the magnitude of the issues are quite different from the civil war and slavery. the point, though, is democracy's always been messy. and you know, we're a big, diverse country that is constantly sort of arguing about all kinds of stuff. but eventually we do the right thing. and in this situation, i'm confident that one of two things are going to happen when it comes to the fiscal cliff. number one, we're going to see an agreement in the next 48 hours in which case middle-class taxes will not go up. if that doesn't happen, then democrats in the senate will put a bill on the floor of the senate, and republicans will have to decide if they're going to block it, which will mean that middle-class taxes do go up. i don't think they would want
in the right place -- >> exactly. the fiscal cliff policies were designed basically by congress to save itself from itself. >> right. >> and if it takes effect -- >> not aspirationally but actually. >> actually as a backstop. now everybody in this whole, let's avoid this fiscal cliff -- >> as a -- >> we're going over the cliff. we've forgotten what the policies were there to do. >> as a markets guy, if there's a viewer who has money invested in the market, should they be invested in the markets if they've got cash sitting on the sidelines and see futures down today, should they say should i be buying into this? things are going to be okay? >> here's the question, you're asking before, andrew, i actually think, and probably a minority in this regard, it doesn't really matter what i think, the market may not agree with me. i actually think that fundamentally there's so much underlying strength in this economy we are in a position where we could actually go over the fiscal cliff, take those baseline policies, take the tax increases, take the messy spending cuts, and the economy will still survive
together and you could really see in his body language that he feels well right now. >> should there be a deal, what needs to happen in both houses of congress for the stopgap effort to go through? >> first, the senate will come together and decide the taxes for the wealthy will go up. now the question is who is wealthy? households to make more than $450,000 per year will see higher taxes. the next obstacle is what is going happen with the additional money? republicans would like to use that money to reduce the debts and democrats would like to spend it. they will find a compromise in the next hour. let's be optimistic. everyone is optimistic that they will finally pass a bill. mr. boehner will then try to find a common ground with democrats in the house and they will have to pass this bill as well. i'm not sure whether they will be able to do that today, so what we might see is that the house will come together tomorrow morning and pass the bill then. >> what happens if there's no deal? to the bills get paid? >> i am somewhat optimistic. if they're not going to find a solution
else is new? can anyone save this congress from itself? turns out the new man responsible is vice president joe biden. yep. that's right. joe biden is the latest person to be called on to try to get congress out of the straight jacket they've put themselves in. the vp and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell exchanged phone calls until midnight last night and again this morning, and appeared to be zeroing in on a tax rate compromise in the region of a $450,000 to $550,000 threshold. a higher rate than the president's earlier compromise as well as an agreement on the estate tax. sticking points remain. president obama seemed resigned to going over the cliff. >> if all else fails, if republicans do, in fact, decide to block it so that taxes on middle class families do, in fact, go up on january 1st, then on january 4th the first bill to be introduced on the floor will be to cut taxes on middle class families. >> and this morning former white house spokesman robert gibbs was even more blunt. >> the republicans simply can't utter the word yes. they cannot utter the word yes. i mean,
on and on and on. he is right. and we have one deadline after another. this big fight -- congress for ten or 15 years has set us into this frenzy of deadline after deadline after deadline. 11th hour. >> it's not good. if your taxes might go up next year, what about your fwroshry bill? the deal that could affect milk prices coming up next. you're watching "starting point." ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ >>> ahead on "starting point," the latest on the fiscal cliff negotiations. we'll ask one house member if he expects to be voting on a deal today. next, utah congressman jason chaffetz. and is the kardashian clan about to get bigger? the new year's news you had to have. kim and kanye west, they respond to the pregnancy rumors. >>> breaking news, everyone. you're watching "starting point." so i switched my car insurance to state farm... saved $480 bucks. you know what that is? yeah.
, what is available out there, congress n congressman, do you think it's practical here? >> i do because i think you've got an emotional situation right now helping the gun debate along. we haven't had that to nearly the extent we do now. and, you know, i think things are going to happen as we move forward. i hate to be maude lynn but when the police report ultimately comes out and we find out how many bullets were actually dispensed in sandy hook and we learn more about the inordinate amount of fire power that was brought to bear on those innocent children, those are things that are going to continue to keep the momentum alive for doing common sense things like conducting background checks, expanding those and also dealing with high capacity magazines and assault weapons. >> like for so many here, the president said that day in newtown was the worst day of his presidency. i want to switch to another subject here. fiscal cliff. we're talking about here words that are banished. lake superior university puts out a list of banished words this year. numbers one and two this year are fiscal c
the right thing. and i think that's true for congress, as well. and i think it's important for americans to remember politics have always been messy. people have been asking me a lot about the film "lincoln" and -- >> is this your lincoln moment? >> well, no. look, i never compare myself to lincoln and, b, the magnitude of the issues are quite different from the civil war and slavery. the point, though, is that democracy has always been messy. we're a big, diverse country that is constantly arguing about all kinds of stuff. but eventually we do the right thing. and in this situation i'm confident one or two things is going to happen. number one, we're going to see an agreement in the next 48 hours in which case middle class taxes don't go up. if that doesn't happen, democrats in the senate will put a bill on the floor in the senate and republicans will have to decide if they're going to block it which will mean middle class taxes do go up. i don't think they want to do that politically. if all else false, if republicans do decide to block it, if taxes in the middle class families do go u
shutdown that was going on between republicans in the congress and president bill clinton. tori? >> all right. hanging on to the very last second. thank you. you can find a link on our website. just go to pulls down the news menu bar and go to our politics page. >>> 7:48. starting tomorrow, military veterans will be given -- given a preference when you apply for a job at b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. board of directors made that decision earlier this month. now, job candidates must have five months of active status with the military and they have to get a passing score in the first phase of the hiring process. by the way, this new policy does not apply to veterans who were dishonorably discharged. >>> well, new york organizers of tonight's big new year's eve celebration in times square, they are conducting last-minute tests for the big ball drop tonight. >> 3, 2, 1! happy new year! >> yeah, the 12,000-pound ball will rise 135 feet tonight in front of a huge crowd. almost 2700 waterford crystals cover the ball and it's lit by more than 32,000 lights. >>> new year's eve celebrations are sta
's traders unplugged. camera conflicts: is it right for cameras to watch you while you work if it means better results? see what our investigation reveals. plus, can your portfolio benefit from what's happening in congress? keep it here and find out. but first, let's take a look at what the traders have to say. we are looking at the end-of- the-year trading with scott bauer of trading advantage this morning. scott, what do you anticipate? > > you know what angie, i really think that people that have stayed in the marketplace the entire year, have just ridden out the rally that we saw this year and did not reduce their positions, did not exit out earlier when we saw some of the higher points in the market, i think there is going to be some profit-taking. i don't really believe that it is going to be all that severe. but why wouldn't you want to take some money off the table at the end of the year and maybe start over a little bit? so i wouldn't be surprised if we do see just a slight sell-off really just due to maybe some of the funds in retail, taking profits off the table. > > and what
're going over the cliff. it's hard to tell. the expectation, even if we go over the fiscal cliff. right now, congress is still looking at trying to resolve this here in the next few days. so it's not as if we go over the cliff and stay there. there would be time to resolve the issue. that being said, we saw a whirlwind of negotiating on capitol hill. and right now, after things sort of didn't work out between mitch mcconnle and harry reid, the top republican and top democrat in the senate, they have shifted between mitch mcconnell and vice president joe biden. that's where all of the action is right now. keeping the speaker of the house john boehner abreast of what's going on. keeping harry reid abreast of what's going on and keeping president obama abreast of what's going on. we heard from senator reid yesterday that they are very far apart. not just talking on the threshold, initially president obama said $250 mi,000. there is talk to bumping that to $400,000. republicans want to know how we pay for it. there are farm subsidies, the doc fix. and spending cuts. so there is a lot to be reso
31st 3 3 3 3 3 congress is playinn it right mmrning.there is ssill no deal on capittl hill regardiig the so called 'fiscal cliff' and today is the deadline for went home last night without s voting on a fiscal cliff package but negotiations will continue today after hitting aa odds?the income larson says: "we understand why we can't bring uppuddled - proposals that can ggt the country back to work, why we can't deal with a tax cut for the miidle class, especially when both sides agree the country needs to go back to class tax relief. reliif.thune says there's a pot offgive and take right now but republicans donnt wanttto see new reveeues be used for new spending." sppndinn.. if a deal is taxes will go up for áeveryá american. if you want to see how much your taxes would go up without the fiscal cliff agreemmnt.. gooto foxbaltimore dot com some new laws go into effect in the new year... ere in maryland... arsenic is now banned in chicken's in order to help protect the cceeaeakk bay from toxins.. pnd ... anothee new law... helps parents beeter prooe
of that looming fiscal cliff. 15 hours from right now the u.s. economy will go over that cliff unless congress and the white house can work out a last minute deal. if there is no new budget deal by midnight tonight, east coast time, income tax rates will go up for all americans. coming up at 6:15 the new numbers that are being thrown around this morning. >>> it is 6:07. starting tomorrow alameda county grocery stores and most other stores that sell food or alcohol cannot distribute plastic bags to their customers. in place of the single use bags stores are allowed to use paper or reusable bags but they have to charge at least a dime for each bag. customers are being encouraged to bring their own bags when shopping. restaurants can still provide plastic bags to customers. >> i'm trying to remember. >> some of the places i go they give you a discount. they give you five cents if you bring your own bag. >>> time now 6:08. tara is back to talk about your commute. you're also telling us about free rides for new years eve. >> that is right. muni is free from 8:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning.
workers, 2 million of them already earn more than the rest of us, they get more. and congress, totally failing to do its job, will also get a raise. about 900 bucks each. do they deserve it? according to the latest rasmussen poll you say, oh, no, scott rasmussen joins us now. all right, scott, i've seen the numbers, 5% think that congress is doing a good or excellent job. that's it? >> that's it. 69% say they're doing a poor job and stuart, i know this is going to be hard to believe, i think those numbers are going to get worse. stuart: really? >> yeah, the reason i say that is we have all of this talk about the fiscal cliff negotiations, that are going to eliminate this middle class tax hike, but the fact is, payroll taxes are going up. if you make $50,000 a year, you're going to pay a thousand more in taxes so when the president and congressional leaders stand up and say we saved the world, we avoided middle class tax hikes and look at your paycheck, you're going to realize they talk in a different language in washington and people get burned. stuart: i know you've got a poll on the
hello, tom. it is exciting times in tripoli. with election and new congress coming together. as i read libya's recent history it is a bit like we are reliving the post world war ii years. how right he was. that was chris. always thinking, always sharp, always ready. public service is too often looked down upon by some in this country. often my colleagues in the foreign service la meant they don't make them the way they used to anymore. today we remember a man, chris stevens, whose life and service just proves how wrong my colleagues really are. chris shows us they still make them the way they used to, only an awful lot better, thank you. [applause] >> chris's family would like to invite everyone to a reception after the ceremony. it will be held over there. you are all welcome. let us pray. oh lord, support us all the day long until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes and the busy world is hushed and the fever of life is over and our work is done. then in your mercy grant us a safe lodging and a holy rest and peace at the last. may the author of all life bless us and keep us. in
that if the republican congress fails to act and to work in conjunction with our president, they will lead us over the fiscal cliff. i hope that's not what they want to do, but every indication right now is that the republican congress continues to not work in good faith with the president. there is still time left. it's our hope that they will come to their senses and do the right thing for the american people. >> we thank everybody. it is our intent to be caucusing every day that we're here and we will be engaging with the press after those caucuses as well and i apologize, but we're going to have to go up and vote. if you want to walk with us and ask questions, you can. thank you so much. >> we also spoke to a capitol hill reporter for an update on negotiations surrounding the fiscal cliff. >> the congressional correspondent for national journal joins us. what can you tell us about the discussions between harry reid and mitch mcconnell. >> right now, there doesn't seem to be too much happening in the discussions. they're pretty stalled out. we had a topsy-turvy day, lots of sound and lots of fu
american people say -- thaa's right. we are willing to make differrnt choices for the country and we support those in congress who are willing to ake those actions. the president recentll created a task force to come to reduce gun violence in the country. still ahead.... good news thh changg in his condition after morr than a month in the hospital. &pand, the crash caught on camera.the death toll ii russia.ann why hisstragedy, wasn't muchhworse. 3 3 donnt enddup looking like a disco balllthree subtle ways year's eve ensemble... monday 3 3 ssgns of improvement.a step in &pthe right direction for a health crisis.nt battling a - p 3 crashed aad split in two. dramatic new video s a &pjeeliner goes down in russia. and the reason the deeth toll wasn't much worse. 3 five people are kklled whee a commercial jet slams inno a highway. tonight we have brand new dash cam video f the crash. 5 - pumm theenatz! 17 17 that's a jet liner slamming into the side of the highhay near moscow yesterday.. five people were killed as the pllneeovershot the thoussndd f pieces. the death toll cou
want to send congress to mars right now with what's going on. my bet is we will not get a deal tonight, probably tomorrow. it expires that is okay. right now they are haggling over whether is going to be $450,000 tickets taxes or not. the democrats still want the employment extension and everyone wants the dock fixed which is the medicare reimbursement issue. they want to fix the amt patch which affected 31 million americans. part of the issue is our you going to pay for it? the democrats as and when not increased capital gains. the fiscal cliff has the taxing which as a medium impact on the economy but also the spending part which has a longer-term impact. it is a hundred million dollars in domestic and defense spending. that is the one where all the sudden late yesterday they realized maybe we should deal with that too. the reason why is that all of the economic forecasts show that eight the sequestered goes and even for the month and two months into the debt ceiling is negotiated the economic growth that we have experienced about 3% of the last quarter will be what have to about one
at midnight. right now, it does not look as if congress plans to extend it. the 4.2% you pay into social security will now go up to 6.2% of your salary. lawmakers have been so consumed by the fiscal cliff that it appears little was done to extend the 2010 payroll tax cuts, put in place by president obama two years ago in order to boost the economy. so what does it mean to your wallet? here is how much less you'll bring home if it expires. paychecks shrink $50 a month for those earning $30,000 a year. it shrinks $83 a month for those earning $50,000 a year. and $167 a month for those earning $100,000 a year. now, let's switch to the fiscal cliff. and what that is going to cost you. without a deal, you'll be paying lots more in tachxes. say you're single and working hard, you don't have kids, you earn $80,000 a year. if it does not go into effect, you'll pay an additional $3,000 more than what you already pay in taxes. the middle class families will get hit harder, two kids, both parents work. together you earn $80,000 a year. guess what, if there is no deal, you would owe $6,000 more in t
to deal with, right away, all at once. but where to begin? kim. >> that is a very full plate. in recent days, congress hasn't been that great about dealing with multitasking. i think because of the tragedy at the elementary school in connecticut, there is a lot of momentum about gun control and taking up that issue right away. a lot of people in the religious community are really advocating on that and there is a ground swell. some of that is the emotion over what happened and that is horrible. a lot of people are worried that it will fade. then you have the fiscal issues which are there and really important. >> i think kim is absolutely right about guns. i think that we have, this is an occasion when we really can take steps that we haven't been able to take for a long time, because a lot of people were so riveted and so deeply concerned by the death of all these children. so i think they're, i hope we do something in that area. i think there's a real opportunity on immigration reform this year, partly because president obama won such an overwhelming share of the latino vote, he knows
to be stalled right now. only hours to go, any reason for optimism this morning? >> it's hard to say. it is not looking good at this point. today is a rare new year's eve session of congress following a weekend where they again tried to reach a deal and still no compromise. the u.s. is just hours away from going over that fiscal cliff. without a deal before midnight, americans will be bringing in this new year with sweeping tax hikes and swing -- a tactic -- and cuts. >> >> t . >> i hope that they can work together and realize that this is affecting everyone. >> both chambers will reconvene this morning at whichthat they k together and realize that this is affecting everyone. >> both chambers will reconvene this morning at which point, there are just 12 hours left until this deadline. >> whatboth chambers will recone this morning at which point, there are just 12 hours left until this deadline. >> what are lawmakers working on today? >> we understand that senator harry reid, the majority leader, will what are lawmakers workingn today? >> we understand that senator harry reid, the maj
another day of the same things. and i think you're right. the normal person, the people who look at their paycheck, every week, every two weeks, every month, they will know who the problem child is and it is not the senate. it is not congress. it i the lack of true leadership of the president's. gei: gerr yes, you said that earlier. rich edson, we have been waiting for this all day long. we had cameras at the white house watching people exit. do you think this comes as a disappointment to mst people? the resolution of today and of that meeting? were leaving something good can come from a? >> i think after you hear from leership and the president, when you got the first reports, the administration officials have basically put on the table what he had been reitering last week in his speech. what was basically what he had put on throughout the entire campaign. st deal down version. it didn't look all that good. but as you now have this assignment for the senate leaders to get together and hammer something out, on a scale that we have been talking about right now, this is theonly hot
? that's because almost every one of us is facing a major tax hike in our 2013 pay economics if congress does not reach the agreement on the fiscal cliff. right now there are still negotiations that are going on. they are being led by the vice president, vice president biden and senator minority leader mitch mcconnell. sources say that they are making some progress, but even if a deal is reached, no guarantee it's going to pass. listen to what one democratic senator, tom harkin, said on on the senate floor just earlier this morning. >> if we're going to have some kind of a deal, the deal must be one that really does favor the middle class, the real middle class, those making 30, 50, 60, $7,000 a year. that's the real middle class in america. as i see this thing developing, quite frankly as i've said before no deal is better than a bad deal, and this looks like a very bad deal the way it's shaping up. >> we want to bring in dana bash on capitol hill. when you think about it, both sides are not happy with what's taking place, at least what they're talking about. i know you have some new in
, we'll share some of your messages here. >>> next we're going to go live to washington. is congress going to let this happen? are they really? ed at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. hey used centr silver f t study... so i guess my wife was right. male anner ] centrum. ways your mostomplet ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ crowd cheering ] [ man ] touchdown confirmed. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ mouse clicks ] >>> if we go over the fiscal cliff tomorrow night, congress could still pass a bill in a few weeks with minimal damage. there's no guarantee they'll be able to come to an agreement quickly. ryan, it's good to see you at night. >> good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> this uncertainty that americans are living with right now, do you think a deal can be reached by tomorrow? >> you know, i don't know. it's -- right now, as cnn's been reporting, it's up to mitch mcconnell and joe biden. those apparently are the two men where the entire negotiations have moved to. senator harry reid left the senate and told reporters tonight if you want to know if there's a deal,
out there. you are right he was pounding the same message again and again f. we go up the fiscal cliff for not meeting them halfway. >>> not because democrats and congre congre congress don't want to go ahead and cooperate but i think it has been hard for speaker boehner and republican mcconnell to accept the fact taxes on wealthiest should go up a little bit sweas well as a deficit reduction package. if they can't say yes to good offers i have an obligation to make sure the entire burden of deficit reduction doesn't fall on seniors who are relying on medicare. >> republicans are expressing frustration saying the president is trying to put the blame on them for going off the cliff but when senator mcconnell was brought a few days ago mcconnell's office says he got a call from senator reed or democrats to talk about the fiscal cliff in about a month. they feel like they have not gone the extra pile here. >> the vice president getting a call today. what do they make of all of that? >> that could be a big deal. it shows the white house push back they are going to say look he has been pull
is exactly what it was designed to do. the fiscal cliff is a result of congress only able to act when the backs are against the wall. we are at that time now and i think we will get it done. >> all right. you have nine hours and 20 minutes, i believe. congressman, good to talk to you once again. >> happy new yore. >> and to you. >>> as 2012 comes to a close, the congress is set to go down in history as the least productive in the modern era. this particular congress has been, quote, uniquely dis23 dysfuncti dysfunctional. a family member comes forward to claim adam lanza's body. it is in or stories around the "news nation." >>> when the 112th congress closing up shop on january 3rd, they go home with the dubious distinction of the least productive and least popular congress of the modern era. in two years, this congress has managed to pass just 219 bills. that's the lowest tally since the 1940s. here with me now is nbc deputy political editor domenico montenegra. that sounds like a lot but that's not a lot compared to the past. >> in the modern era, the lowest we have seen. you know,
hours from right now the u.s. economy will go over the fiscal cliff unless congress and the white house can work out a last minute deal. if there is no new budget deal by midnight tonight east coast time income tax rates will go up for all americans. coming up at 5:15 the two men leading the last minute negotiations. >>> the chp is trying to figure out what led up to a crash that killed a motorcycle rider in concord last night. it happened just before 6:30 on kicker pass road. the chp says no other cars were involved and it's unclear why the driver lost control. >>> three people are recovering after a crash after a car crashed into a concord funeral home. it happened yesterday afternoon at the we met brothers concord funeral chop ill on clayton road. it appears two teens were racing when they lost control and crashed their car into the building. the teens were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. a 66-year-old man who was inside the building has a broken leg. police interviewed a second driver that may have been racing the teens but have no arrests yet. >>> police officers are o
forecast for the week coming up. but let's get back and talk more about the redskins. >> all right. thank you. >>> we are taking a look at our other top stories. still no deal. this as congress and the white house now have less than 24 hours to come up with a solution to the looming fiscal cliff. the senate will meet again later on this morning to continue their talks following a rare marathon meeting yesterday. on meet the press, president obama called on lawmakers to reach an agreement. if no deal is made, it would be the large of the tax hike since world war ii. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton remains in a new york city hospital this morning after doctors discovered a blood clot stemming from a concussion she had earlier this month. now, a spokesperson for clinton says she is being treated with medication and will most likely stay in the hospital for the next 48 hours. the clot was discovered yesterday during a follow-up appointment. >>> same-sex couples in maryland will be able to marry tomorrow on new year's day. state lawyers said because january 1st is a holiday and because
close eye on congress to see if they can come up with anything. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. checking some of our other top stories secretary of state hillary clinton remains in a new york city hospital after doctors discovered a blood clot stemming from a concussion she had. she is being treated with medication and will most likely stay in the hospital for the next 48 hours. the clot was discovered yesterday during a follow up appointment. >>> former president george h.w. bush also remains in the hospital this morning. his family says he's been moved out of intensive care. bush has been in the hospital in houston since last month for bronchitis and other complications. the 88-year-old is the oldest living former president. >> very happy new year for same sex couples in maryland. this after the state's attorney general says they will be able to marry on january 1st. state lawyers initially said that because january 1st is a holiday and a two day wait period before licenses take affect they could not marry until january 4th. all the licenses will take affect tom
, right back to work, so this could be something unless and until the committees in the congress hold the bureau create responsible, it will continue to shift the blame, move things around, and things will change at speed of a glacier. >> captain n ash, thank you. doctors releasing new information on secretary of state, hillary clinton's, condition as she recovers. >> we got an update from the wire service. they are saying her doctors reporting she is making excellent progress and theyry ca full recovery. they say she suffered a blood clot between the brain and the skull behind her right ear and they are saying she did not suffer a stroke, does not suffer any neurological damage and is being treated with blood thinners and expected to remain in a nor hospital at least until tuesday. this is not the first time hillary clinton has suffered a blood clot. she had one back in 1998 and she said it was the worst health experience she ever suffered. doctors say patient whose experience this are likely to have repeat episodes. a short time ago her daughter was seen leaving the hospital and she
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